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The future of ATMs starts today (id: W004)

  Category: Bespoke on-site training (3 parts)
  Published on: 23-06-2017
  Author: Payment Redesign, Eric de Putter
  Languages: English

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The training delivers comprehensive understanding of today’s trends and challenges in ATM technology and industry. The target audience for this training includes heads of the ATM channel, IT strategists, change managers, product managers at banks, independent ATM providers, hard- and software providers and card processors. It is composed of three parts. 

Trainer: Eric de Putter, Payments Redesign

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Table of Contents:

Part 1:  ATM & Windows 10 – all you need to know

 1. Windows 10:

  • New security features
  • Hardware requirements
  • Branches & Releases
  • Microsoft Support Timelines

 2. ATM migration to Windows 10

  • Range of activities to be covered by suppliers and deployers
  • Review of ATM manufacturers current approach
  • New HW / SW/ Security complexity & time dependencies
  • Migration options and alternatives, costs


Part 2: Improving logical ATM security

 1. Trends in fraud & technology:

  • ATM statistics for Fraud Attacks, Physical Attacks and Logical/malware attacks
  • Geography split and global liability hsift
  • Fraud migration caused by EMV and NFC

 2. The case for NFC & mobile

  • Cards vs. NFC & Mobile
  • Implementation aspects: tokenization, real-time payments

 3. Windows 10

  • Microsoft versus proprietary solutions

 4. End-to-end security / cloud thinking

  • Dispenser security improvements
  • Applying cloud approach to today’s ATM components


Part 3:  The strong case for Cloud ATM

 1. Cloud thinking

  • Recent developments in modern ATM vs ETF POS
  • Potential ATM to Cloud transition scenarios
  • Today’s ATM suppliers offer

 2. Global feedback: project ADAGIO – Alternative Design ATMs with Global Inter-Operability

  • Global feedback
  • Arguments for change
  • Issues, priorities & benefits

 3. Direction OS independent standard

  • ATM redesign options
  • Possible User interface & apps
  • Two possible cloud architectures for existing/new ATM estate
  • Business case: time dependency & costs

 4. Cloud ATM security; huge benefits

  • Improvements cash dispenser security
  • Single vs. multiple security domains
  • Applying this today’s architecture

 5. Recommendations for manufactures, deployers, and ATM network operators

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