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About the service

Electronic Payments, FinTech/PayTech and Omni-channel Commerce Technologies
for the Professionals in Central, Eastern & Southern Europe.


Swan McAdemy major focus is on delivering high quality knowledge in the format of trainings, webinars, books, and analytical reports. All items are accessible from any geographical location and in the quick and convenient manner.

Users have access to recordings of many conferences, usually available only for limited number of participants. We all can easy discover the hottest topics in various countries.

Swan McAdemy reaches the leaders in each country, interviews them and propagates their views about the market situation, consumer habits, trends and risks. Leader’s personality matters, all our users can easy find it.

Users do participate in Opinion Polls and can learn about preferences of their mates. That is interesting to see how our opinions are transforming country by country and along the time.

Users share with others their professional “photos of interesting payment solution”. That way we all can see the huge variety of payment solutions used in each separate country.

Top and most important facts from the region are presented to our respectable readers, however Swan McAdemy is not a News portal and we do not target News.

Swan McAdemy closely cooperates with a Swan Payments Cezary Kosiński Consultancy Company specialized in Management and Business Development Consulting in the area of Card & Mobile Payments. That way we can offer bespoke consultancy projects.


“When I joined the Payment Industry first time, many years before PCI Council started, I realised that less than half of the Industry specific knowledge was available in written and deployments of standards were driven by varying waivers granted to selected companies only. I quickly expanded my focus into Central Eastern Europe markets and realised how fragmented, different and driven by plenty of local business habits those markets are.

Today, despite of the huge effort of multiple institutions towards standardizing and improving security, waivers still play an important role in a daily business and card acceptance markets still differ considerably country-by-country. What is new is the push of FinTech, E-/M-Commerce, Mobile and Internet new entrants .

Politicians realised the strategic relevance of electronic payments for their economies and are trying nowadays to invent the new regulations and even the new domestic schemes under own control. The new term RegTech has evolved and it describes start-ups offering nothing innovative but utilizing the change in regulations.

Can anybody afford to understand all those trends, changes and cross-dependencies? Swan McAdemy service is my answer to that. It is about delivering quality information and knowledge to the industry professionals, helping all of us understanding the environment, collecting valuable and quantitative data necessary to perform reasonable business planning and its execution. I trust it will become a source of know-how as well as a place of networking.”

Sincerely Yours

Cezary Kosiński


History of Swan McAdemy

Swan McAdemy has been founded in April 2016 and is owned by Swan Payments Ltd, the company registered in Poland and dedicated exclusively to Swan McAdemy. It is led by Cezary Kosiński.



Cezary Kosiński, PhD

Cezary has many year experiences in Payment Industry Business Development and specializes in the application of modern technologies in Retail, Banking, Transportation, E-/M-commerce and Public Institutions. In the past Cezary was serving for or delivered project to organisations like: Wincor Nixdorf, Optimum, Hypercom, VeriFone, Deutsche Telecom, Spire Payments, MCI Capital, Vendon, and NCR.


Mieczysław T. Starkowski, Editor-in-Chief

Mieczysław is an experienced journalist. In the past he worked for different newspapers, magazines and portals, among the others - the Bank monthly magazine and Businessman monthly magazine.
He specialises in the areas of modern banking digital technologies, cybersecurity and business.
Mieczysław has been MSc graduated from Warsaw School of Economics. He also completed Postgraduated Journalists Studies at University of Warsaw.


Kamila Łuksza, Editor & Correspondent

Kamila is focused on digital marketing, copywriting and e-commerce. Currently discovering tech-startup world in Spain within the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and in July will graduate with Master's degree in Finance and Accounting.


Artur Petrusiewicz, Analyst

Artur is focused on technical and financial aspects of cashless payments. Artur began his career in financial sector in March 2016 working for one on Polish banks in retail banking department.
He holds BSc degree in Mechatronics from Warsaw University of Technology.