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  • Swan McAdemy is FOR SALE

    added: 06-10-2019   

    Swan McAdey is FOR SALE !!

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    Details at info@swan-mcademy.com 

  • Money2020Europe 2018 begins in a week

    added: 28-05-2018   

    The highest quality industrial and professional event shall be described by three measures. Such meeting definitely must deliver modern knowledge to participants and inspire them to open minds towards short- and mid-term future. The expertise, insights and well thought out concepts have to stand out over the vulgar sales-style hype. It matters. The 2nd measure is about networking opportunities. Concentrating people is not enough since more than 5 thousands participants are coming. What matters is possibility of finding people in advance, arranging meetings via mobile app, letting them adjust agendas in the way they are not losing track of sessions, granting plenty of space for comfortable discussions and creating desire to meet those people. And the 3rd measure is about the unique experience. It is about the form, organisation and socialising initiatives. Easy access to refreshments during busy days matters not less than a multimedia high-tech shows and evening discovery of the city spirit.

  • mPOS in Russia in the eyes of a Polish traveller

    added: 03-12-2015   Author: Cezary Kosiński

    In 2009 American company Square presented a concept of card payment acceptance on smartphones. The idea was to transform the smartphone into card reader by adding a small square dongle mounted in audio jack port, to authorise transactions with a signature captured on the smartphone’s touchscreen and simply start accepting cards after having bought a Square device in a supermarket and having registered via WWW portal. The idea was revolutionary in terms of bypassing incumbents of infrastructure delivery like POS terminal manufacturers, MSP/PSPs and Acquirers. However ...

  • When do payment terminals disappear?

    added: 16-04-2018   Author: Cezary Kosiński

    Conservatives are convincing that terminals will not disappear in the predictable future and they appoint contactless smartcard payments as a new standard of velocity and comfort in payments to be followed by challengers. Enthusiasts of new style of interactions with customers will immediately refer to the success of Uber and the way they utilise InApp payment, which conquers the world without use of terminals and plastic cards and which has a growing number of followers. Revolutionary innovators will present a concept of bitcoin and crypto currency conquering the world and throwing payment terminals and even coins and notes on the scrap heap faster than we could imagine. 

  • Discovering cashless payments

    added: 12-02-2018   

    From the passive observer, through an active user, to the beginnings of professional career in banking and cashless payments. How did I learn it? What did surprise me? What difficulties did I meet, and what proved to be easy and intuitive?

  • Get surprised - interesting payment methods from Spain

    added: 15-03-2018   

    Spain is associated with the sun, fun and holidays. Possibly with the financial crisis and economic recession. Few know that the capital of the korrida is at the forefront of European countries when it comes to implementing modern payment methods. Spain is one of the first countries that started offering SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (within the Single Euro Payments Area) from November 21st 2017. Time will tell whether SEPA credit transfer will win the trust of the customers, but looking at the current interest of the Spaniards with new payment solutions, optimism in this case is completely understandable.

  • My very subjective summary of Money2020 Europe 2017

    added: 09-08-2017   Author: Cezary Kosiński

    Recent Money2020Europe conference still attracts my attention despite it’s been more than a month since returning from windy Copenhagen. I went to Denmark without any cash and with the intention to pay purely by Visa and MasterCard branded plastics issued by Polish banks. The cashless only attitude didn’t stop me in Copenhagen even once. Chip&PIN terminals are really widespread. Some difficulty happened at ... 

  • Cross-border eCommerce in Spain - how to get yourself a slice of that pie

    added: 19-07-2017   

    Spain is the largest Ecommerce market in southern Europe and 4th in the European Union after United Kingdom, Germany and France. The latest results of the III eCommerce study 2016 states that more than 7 out of 10 internet users in Spain buy online. With population of 46,3 million people and internet penetration at 81%, there are over 26 million eCommerce customers in Spain. Considering the steady growth and  the customers’ hunger for online shopping experiences there is a lot to benefit from for the merchants.

  • Money20/20 Europe 2017 to define the future of money

    added: 26-05-2017   

    Bringing leaders in payment innovation, financial services and FinTech to Copenhagen from 26-28 June
    Money 20/20 Europe will welcome more than 380 speakers including Square’s Jack Dorsey and CEO of BBVA Carlos Torres Villa

  • Merchant Payments Ecosystem | We pay with our phones

    added: 23-03-2017   

    Swan McAdemy did participate in Merchant Payment Ecosystem 2017 Conference. This year the MPE was organised in the new formula 3-in-1: 1 big expo with 3 parallel conferences on Payment Ecosystems, Checkout & Conversion and mPOS WISE. More than 800 specialists, 30 exhibitor and almost 150 speakers discussed and shared opinions about current issues and already visible trends in the Payments Industry. In the paper Swan McAdemy summarizes and comments those most hottest topics